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Pam Galassini
Chief Operating Officer

Pam’s role is primarily focused on helping Manna Molecular achieve success through business development. Formerly, Pam was CEO of the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Operation. Her significant experience in the pharmaceutical industry is invaluable to drive business development and revenue growth. Pam holds a Bachelors of Science in Speech Communication and Rhetoric from the University of Illinois. She’s a major foodie who follows the local and national food and chef scenes, as well as an avid traveler who enjoys exploring new places and meeting new people.

What is it about cannabis that interests you: Cannabis is an exciting new therapy with virtually unlimited potential to change the way we treat and manage many chronic and complex illnesses. We have barely begun to fully realize that potential.

What was your first science experiment: The first science activity I remember was dissecting that poor frog in biology class. Not pretty.

Hidden talent: I am a great bargain shopper.

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