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Nial C. DeMena
Chief Executive
Officer & Co-Founder

Nial is Manna’s internal compass, in charge of setting the course and velocity of where the company is headed. He shapes the values of the company, including fundraising, IP management, and strategic planning. Nial holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Colby College and a master’s degree in Rhetoric and Technical Writing from Virginia Tech. When he’s not leading that charge at Manna, Nial finds himself relaxing at home with his wife Julia, cooking, reading science fiction, and playing with their cat Ernest.

What is it about cannabis that interests you: I’m fascinated with cannabis because it can be a safer form of recreation than alcohol as well as a potent medicine for pain, seizure disorders, and possibly cancer. Additionally, I’m interested in cannabis because it plays a role in our longevity, reducing age-related cognitive decline, promoting cellular health, and reducing incidences of disease as part of an overall wellness regime.

What was your first science experiment: Culturing swabbed bacteria collected from different sources around the elementary school and hypothesizing where we would see the largest and most diverse colonies. Spoiler alert: it was the door knobs to classrooms.

Hidden talent: Even though I have spent my career in the cannabis and business fields, I’m well versed in rhetoric and postmodern literature and theory.

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