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Helen Segil
Sales Representative

Helen is part of the sales team responsible for building and maintaining relationships in the Massachusetts market. She also aids in Manna product education for businesses and individuals, as well as content creation for the communications team. Helen has a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies and Communication, Women and Gender Studies as well as a master’s degree in Professional Communication from Clark University. Helen is an artist and runs a ceramic business in Worcester, Mass.

What interests you about cannabis: I’m deeply interested in how the cannabis industry can help reduce the ongoing opioid crisis our country is facing. I am also personally passionate about the benefits of using cannabis to alleviate chronic pain.

What was your first science experiment: Sailing with my dad as a kid. I remember learning constant lessons about physics, aerodynamics, and wind propulsion. Memorizing the points of sail and spending so much time on the ocean taught me about tides, energy, force, and movement.

Hidden talent: Catch me on the dance floor.

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