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Harin Padma-Nathan, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer

Harin helps to drive Manna’s creation of products using nanotechnology and cannabinoids. He’s a board-certified urologist with a focus on nanotechnology and sexual health and wellness as well as a key innovator of Viagra and Cialis. Harin received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Dalhousie University, interned at St. Michael’s Hospital at the University of Toronto. He returned to complete a surgical residency at Dalhousie University and was an AUA Scholar at Boston University. Harin is an avid skier and spends most of his slope time on Ajax Mountain in Aspen.

What is it about cannabis that interests you: My interest is in cannabinoids and their individual pharmacologic effects.

What was your first science experiment: My father was a geneticist and he showed me Mendelian genetics on fruit flies that we had in our fridge at home.

Hidden talent: It wouldn’t stay hidden if I told you…

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